Power relations Putin’s gaze to the ceiling, Biden’s clotted smile – The encounter with the great powers was tense but opened the conversation

The meeting of the presidents of the United States and Russia in Switzerland also brought good news, but began with a handshake of less than four seconds and an embarrassing thunder that ended in a shaky TV image.


The United States presidential Joe Biden and the President of Russia Vladimir Putin Wednesday’s summit in Switzerland on the shores of Lake Geneva did not in advance give rise to major expectations.

For many, however, the meeting, reminiscent of the Cold War era, managed to produce something positive.

Putin, who gave his first press conference, said the countries will return their ambassadors to each other’s capitals to reduce tensions between them.

However, Putin did not receive an invitation to the White House, nor did he himself invite Biden to Russia. The atmosphere of the meeting was as rigid as expected. The goal of the United States and Russia being in the ranks was achieved.

After about two and a half hours of meeting, the presidents held separate briefings. The meeting was constructive, according to both presidents.

Putin said that investigations to incite cybercrime will begin as a result of the meeting. In May, an American the fuel pipeline was hit Russian criminals have been the target of a cyber attack, and there have been several similar attacks in the United States. According to Putin, they have also been in Russia, by the Americans.

As is well known, Putin turned many other issues of criticism about Russia around. He said Alexei Navalnyin knew what to expect in Russia and knowingly violated the law. As far as human rights are concerned, Putin, as expected, dropped the charge back in the United States, citing police violence and the still-open Guantánamo detention camp that Biden is in the winter said want to close.

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Biden, meanwhile, said at a news conference, among other things, that relations between the two countries must be predictable. He said he stressed to Putin that cyber attacks will have consequences.

Biden emphasized U.S. values ​​and reiterated the slogan he had raised as his trademark: “America has come back”.

Putin the meeting in Geneva concluded Biden’s presidency of the first European tour. On the same evening at half past ten in Finnish time, Biden boarded the Air Force One and headed for Washington.

Biden’s trip to Europe included a G7 meeting, a NATO meeting and a meeting of EU leaders in Brussels on Tuesday. The whole tour took place in a difficult world political situation, but a particular tension was associated with the Russia meeting, as the relationship between Russia and the West is historically weak right now.

Russia ‘s activities in Ukraine and Crimea, the poisoning of Alexei Navalny and a few others, the Russian cyber attacks in the United States, the hacking of the German Bundestag, the Berlin park murder – the list of Western Russia – related troubles in recent years could go much further.

However, Biden, who recently took office, took up the challenge of trying to get Russia and the West in a better position by deciding to meet Putin in Europe. After the meeting, he said the coming months will show how successful the meeting was.

He said he had informed Putin that the consequences of Navalny’s death would be devastating for Russia.

Before at the meeting, Putin was estimated to take advantage of the situation by acting as a superpower leader on the model of the old bipolar world.

Putin thus dominated the post-summit media space by holding a very unhurried press conference before Biden. Participants in the press conference had been carefully selected in advance from more than a thousand media representatives who registered for the meeting.

The summit was enormous in terms of security and media, such as the 2018 summit of Putin and Donald Trumpin encounter. “Trumputin” ended up being politically humiliated for the U.S. when Trump ended up denying Russia’s intervention in the U.S. election.

In terms of arrangements, the Helsinki meeting seems to win over Geneva, at least as far as the working conditions of journalists are concerned. In any case, the Geneva meeting was carried out on schedule – perhaps even faster than planned due to the lack of common ground.

Switzerland Federal President Guy Parmelin from the early afternoon, both leaders were greeted at the 18th-century Villa La Grange, the meeting place, welcoming them to the “city of peace”.

Geneva is the historical scene of international politics and still home to several multilateral organizations. In the first joint picture of the meeting, Parmel, a representative of impartial Switzerland, stood among the presidents who were notoriously cold-hearted.

After the joint picture, Putin and Biden shook hands fairly quickly, for about four seconds. Biden flashed his familiar smile at the cameras and waved his hand.

Only an embarrassing incident was seen in the early part of a meeting that began five minutes late on schedule, causing even Biden’s smile to clot in a rare way.

Presidents and their foreign ministers Anthony Blinken and Sergei Lavrov had settled down to sit in the first phase of the semicircle meeting at the Villa La Grange library.

Journalists who arrived at the scene shouted their questions to the presidents. Eventually, a handwritten situation arose. The live image posted from the library began to vibrate when the cameras were apparently forced out.

Editor of the American news agency AP Jonathan Lemire had, according to those present, asked Putin whether he feared Alexei Navalny, and what he would do if Ukraine joined NATO. Putin looked at the library ceiling and did not respond.

Lemire shared a picture on Twitter in which Russian security officials removed her from the room.

The handwriting of photographers and journalists took an embarrassingly long time for the situation, and foreign ministers and presidents sometimes looked as if they wanted to sink underground. Eventually, Biden and Putin spoke to each other and smiled.

It became obvious that not everything could be accurately scripted in advance in a tense meeting.

Cold the atmosphere of war arose not only from the gaps in the northern mud of Russia and the West, but also from history. Met in Geneva in 1985 as well Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev, and even then one of the topics was the limitation of nuclear weapons.

That meeting was a gradual easing of tensions towards the end of the Cold War.

Now the situation is different, because the world is not bipolar as it was then. The United States and Russia formulate their policies separately, for example, in relation to China.

Photo of the meeting room of US and Russian presidents and delegations in Geneva.

Security staff removed the journalists from the library room at the beginning of the event.

President Putin boarded the plane at Geneva Airport before the meeting.

The meeting place was Villa La Grange in Geneva.



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