Power relations Merkel, who is stepping down under German leadership, meets Putin in Moscow

The gas pipeline, Navalny and Afghanistan will be on the agenda. Merkel continues from Russia to visit Ukraine.

German will soon leave the post of Chancellor Angela Merkel will meet with the President of Russia on Friday Vladimir Putin In Moscow.

It was anticipated that the controversial Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, as well as the imprisoned opposition leader, would be on the agenda. Alexei Navalnyin destiny.

However, much of the attention at the meeting may be taken by the rise of the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Stay takes place in tense moods. Merkel’s spokesperson Steffen Scheibertin by the case of Navalny, who was poisoned exactly a year ago and hospitalized in Germany, continues to strain relations between the two countries.

In Moscow, there was no rejoicing in the German comments. According to the Russian Foreign Ministry, Germany and other Western countries are constantly using Navalnyi as an excuse to interfere in Russia’s internal affairs.

Nord Stream 2 pipe should apparently to be completed later this month. The project was confirmed when Germany and the United States reached an agreement earlier this summer.

At the same time, the parties warned Russia of new economic sanctions and said they would work to ensure that the transit of Russian gas, which is economically vital for Ukraine, continues.

Pipe graduation will not delight Ukraine, where Merkel will continue her trip over the weekend immediately after visiting Moscow.

Russia has said it hopes gas will start flowing in a new pipeline from Russia to Germany as early as this year.

Merkel resigns as Federal Chancellor after the September 26 federal day elections in Germany. Russia holds parliamentary elections a week earlier on 19 September.



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