Pori | The water supply is normalizing, the back-up water systems will be in use for at least a few more days

Mains water pressure weakened in Pori on Monday morning due to the breakage of two large water mains.

In Pori water distribution is returning to normal after the leaks that occurred on Monday. No one is currently without water and the pressure levels are almost normal, says Pori Vede’s network manager Mark Harju for STT.

Repair work on the main trunk line on the section between the Harjakanka artificial groundwater plant and the city is still ongoing and may continue until Wednesday. After that, it’s time for rinsing and sampling.

After the repair is completed, it will therefore take another 2–3 days before we can return to normal water supply, says Harju. Until then, the water comes from two backup water plants.

“Hopefully we would be back to normal by the weekend,” says Harju.

On Monday morning, the pressure of the mains water weakened in different parts of Pori due to the breakage of two large water mains. Some customers reported that the water supply was completely cut off.

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According to Harju, it is possible that water precipitation and the resulting discoloration will still occur. However, there have not been many reports to the water authority about cloudy water.

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