Pori kidnapping investigation | The fourth child abduction suspect was released – “Exceptional situation”

According to the police, there are currently four suspects, but it is possible that there will be more suspects as the preliminary investigation progresses.

Police has released the fourth suspect in the Pori child abduction investigation he arrested on Thursday last week.

“He is still a suspect, even though he was released yesterday. It has been deemed that there is no need to present him for imprisonment,” says the deputy director of the investigation Kristina Kontio From the Southwestern Finland Police.

According to Kontio, the fourth person who was released is also suspected of child abduction and aggravated deprivation of liberty, i.e. with the same criminal titles as the other three suspects. Kontio does not comment on the connection of the freed suspect to the other suspects.

According to Konti, there are currently four suspects, but it is possible that there will be more suspects in the unfinished preliminary investigation.

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“We hope that there will be no more suspects, but everything is possible as the preliminary investigation progresses. We don’t necessarily know all the relevant facts yet.”

Without opening or commenting on the details of the case, Kontio says that from the police’s point of view, it is an exceptional case of suspected child abduction.

“We have an exceptional situation at hand.”

Last On different days during the week, the Satakunta District Court imprisoned three suspects in connection with the case. On the first Tuesday, a 60-year-old male surgeon was arrested, and two days later his over 50-year-old wife.

The man was imprisoned on suspicion of child abduction and aggravated deprivation of liberty, and the woman on the lesser grounds of suspicion. The man was imprisoned in absentia, because he could not be reached.

On Friday, a woman in her fifties who works in music was arrested on probable grounds of child abduction and gross deprivation of liberty.

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The suspected couple has addresses in Satakunta and Eastern Finland. The place of residence of the suspected woman, who is about 50 years old, is in Eastern Finland.

The legal assistants of the two female suspects commented to HS that the women deny the criminal suspicions. According to his account, the assistant assigned to the male suspect has not been in any contact with the suspect, and therefore cannot comment on the suspected crime on his part.

Police suspects that the child was kidnapped on Sunday morning, May 28, in Pori and then taken abroad.

Initially, on Monday, the police and the Border Guard made extensive ground searches in Pohjois Satakunta. However, the search was terminated without grounds.

The first arrest in the case was on Tuesday, and on Wednesday morning the police announced that they were investigating a suspected child abduction.

The police have not said to which country the child has been taken based on the preliminary investigation, or what the police suspect as the motive for the act. So far, the police have not disclosed the child’s age or the connection to the suspects either.

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