Poll: what is the biggest regional classic in Colombian soccer?


Betplay League

Betplay League teams.

Betplay League teams.

This Friday begins a new date of classics in the country. What do you think is the biggest rivalry?

In the memory of football fans is the fact that the first classic of world teams was England vs. Scotland, countries that were the cradle of the rules of modern football. Likewise, in terms of clubs, Celtic and Rangers, both from Glasgow, Scotland, were in charge of founding the pioneering classic: the ‘Old Firm’.

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With the arrival of the king of sports in America, the rivalry, linked in principle to geography, also took its toll. In Colombia, a few years before professionalism, competition between local amateur clubs was already palpable. But, with the foundation of the Major Division of Colombian Soccer, in 1948, the rivalries were consolidated.

The regional classics of Colombia

Colombian teams

Current Betplay League teams.

In the 74 years that professional football has been in the country, the rivalry between teams from the same region has fed on all kinds of anecdotes. Along this path, alluding to tradition and impact, a question has always been raised: What is the largest regional classic in Colombia?

We passed the buck to you and invite you to answer the question in this poll. On Monday, after the classics date ends on Sunday, we will publish the results.

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