Policy Yle’s support measure: The Coalition Party strengthens its position as Finland’s most popular party

The second most popular party in the support survey was the SDP and the third most popular was the Basic Finns.

Coalition continues as Finland’s most popular party with 20.5 percent support, Yle’s recent report shows support measurement. The party’s popularity rose 0.7 percentage points from Yle’s previous measurement.

The second most popular is the Prime Minister’s Party SDP with 19 percent support. Its popularity fell by about 0.6 percentage points. The third is Basic Finns, which was supported by 17.9 per cent of the respondents. Support for basic Finns rose by 0.1 percentage points.

July published by Helsingin Sanomat at the end of in the poll the coalition became Finland’s most popular party. At the same time, the support of basic Finns fell by almost four percentage points. Yle’s survey does not show a similar change.

Yle’s survey was answered by almost 2,400 people from July 12 to August 3. The study was carried out by Economic Research and has a margin of error of two percentage points in its direction.



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