Policy The Oulu Greens’ office was crushed with a swastika and a threat message – Prime Minister Marin: “Harassment and intimidation of democracy and its actors are serious and reprehensible acts”

On Saturday morning, Prime Minister Sanna Marin (sd) and the Minister of the Interior, the chairman of the Greens, Maria Ohisalo, among others, commented on the matter on their Twitter accounts.

Oulu the Greens’ office has been blunted with a swastika and threat text. Several politicians, including the prime minister, wrote about the issue on their Twitter accounts on Saturday morning Sanna Marin (sd) as well as the interior minister representing the Greens themselves and the party chairman Maria Ohisalo.

The newspaper that wrote about it Kalevan according to which no damage other than the swastika and the English text has been caused to the holdings. According to the newspaper, a criminal report has been made about what happened.

Both Marin and Ohisalo equated the recent news with the election of the women of Helsinki city center. on the racist attack on Wednesday as well as the former Prime Minister, Member of Parliament Juha Sipilä (middle) targeted violence.

Marinin according to which “harassment and intimidation of democracy and its actors are serious and reprehensible acts”.

“We don’t know everything about the backgrounds of individual actions and perpetrators, but disruption of democratic functioning is a common issue. It has an impact on political action and people’s courage to make an impact, ”Marin writes in his message.

“Therefore, the common message must be clear: this is not acceptable!”

Ohisalo, on the other hand, writes that he heard about what happened on Friday night. According to the minister, the goal of “cowardly threatening men” is both to silence and to exclude part of the scope of influence.

“Everyone must be able to participate in democratic decision-making without fear of harassment or intimidation,” the minister wrote.

“The threat and vandalism against the Greens in Oulu is a cowardly act,” wrote the Oulu Green MP and chairman of the Green Parliamentary Group. Jenni Pitko.


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