Policy Jan Vapaavuori criticizes the government’s plan to open Finland: “May there will be chaos in the ports of Helsinki”

Mayor Jan Vapaavuori criticized in particular the actions at the borders.

Helsinki mayor Jan Vapaavuori (Kok) criticized on Twitter the government’s plan to lift restrictions. Vapaavuori in particular criticizes corona actions at borders.

“The government’s exit plan is already late in practice in many respects, but impossible in perhaps the most important: the current operating model of borders is not scaling up indefinitely. In May, there will be chaos in the ports of Helsinki, if this goes, ”Vapaavuori writes.

Government is based on the current disease situation liberalizing border traffic with Sweden and Norway in May. Border formalities with Estonia and Russia could be next, in June at the earliest.

About a couple of million passengers pass through the ports of Helsinki to Sweden every year. There are almost nine million travelers to Estonia in the standard year.

During the containment measures this spring, almost 6,000 passengers a week have passed through the ports, compared to 26,000 passengers every day during normal hours.

“Everyone understands that there is not much need to increase the current number of passengers when the port terminals become blocked,” says Vapaavuori.

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Helsinki has already signaled last year that border formalities must be put on a sustainable footing. The same message has also been heard in Parliament.

“For some miracle reason, the government doesn’t want to do anything about it. Today’s spending just doesn’t work with the growing number of passengers, ”says Vapaavuori.

Helsinki Until the end of April, a temporary mass decision made by the Regional State Administrative Agency of Southern Finland on 17 March is in force in ports, which may oblige immigrants to undergo a health inspection and a corona test.

However, a Finnish citizen has the right to enter and leave the country, unless his or her right to travel is restricted.

The European Commission is currently preparing a digital green certificate for coronary heart disease, coronary vaccination or a recent negative corona test. The Commission is due to take a decision on 26 June.

The Finnish government is preparing an electronic certificate for the Omakanta system in May. The aim is to connect it to the European system when it is in place.

Social and health care deputy mayor Sanna Vesikansa (vihr) considers that the government is moving in the right direction in planning the lifting of restrictive measures.

He also raised concerns about border security on Twitter as passenger numbers grew. Port terminals quickly become cramped when thousands of passengers unload from ships at once.

“It is worth preparing for the functioning of border security and preparing a model that works when passenger numbers increase. The requirement of a preliminary test and the obligation to apply for another test should now be taken forward, ”says Vesikansa.

According to the water people, health measures at border crossing points should be regulated by law. The second test could be booked in advance through the Finentry system.

“Not one test done in the harbor still makes you blissful. Another test is necessary, ”says Vesikansa.

Next week, a working group set up by Vantaa will present its own proposal on what practical measures should be taken in border security. The group has been led by the chief physician of the Helsinki and Uusimaa Hospital District Eero Hirvensalo.

In addition to Vantaa and Helsinki, Finnair, Finavia and the Regional State Administrative Agency of Southern Finland have participated in the working group.

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