Policy Iltalehti: SDP MP Niina Malmia suspected of a crime – involved in obtaining a visa of 420 euros

According to Iltalehti, Erkki Saarimäki and Niina Malmi, Deputy Chairman of the Imatra City Council, are suspected of the crime.

Police has initiated a preliminary investigation into the Vice-Chairman of Imatra City Council Erkki Saarimäki (sin.) on obtaining a visa, says Evening paper.

According to the newspaper, Saarimäki and the chairman of the Imatra City Council are suspected of the crime Niina Malmia. Malm is also a Member of Parliament and Vice-Chairman of the SDP.

This is a visa invoice of EUR 419.99. Saarimäki had ordered the visa himself, and Malm had accepted Saarimäki’s visa bill without checking whether it was appropriate.

Police has told Iltalehti that it suspects two people of the crime, but it does not take a position on the names of those suspected of the crime.

Director of Investigation, Crime Commissioner Matti Raivikko According to Iltalehti, the police in South-East Finland say that the criminal titles are fraudulent means of payment and breach of official duty for one suspect and negligent breach of duty for another suspect.

On obtaining a visa in April with news Mightily according to the internal audit in the usual statement of credit card use and representation expenses.

The internal audit found that there was no real need for a visa in Saarimäki, after which the Imatra City Government requested an investigation into obtaining a visa from the police. According to Saarimäki, the visa bill had been accidentally sent to the city.

The police investigation is still in its infancy.



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