Policy Halla-aho left the front of the basic Finns at the wrong time, says Timo Soini – “Even medal positions are tight in the parliamentary elections because of the departure”

Soini believes a significant reason for Halla-aho’s resignation after four years of presidency was that he couldn’t bear to be the party leader.

Basic Finnish the party once founded Timo Soini (sin) gives a ride to the current expense of the party and especially to the one who left the chair To Jussi Halla-aho.

“Now would be the place to make history and the party great. The dude takes his hats and takes his arched rifle to the edge of the honeycomb. Not a good Creator, ”Soini commented in an STT interview.

He speculates that the party would have had a chance to win the parliamentary elections in 2023, but due to the departure of Halla-aho, even the medal positions are tight.

“It will be visible on election day. Men will not go to the polls. ”

Soini believes that a significant reason for resigning after four years of presidency was that Halla-aho did not like and could not bear to be the party leader.

“That pressure is awful, I know that. He has to be acknowledged that he is so sensible that he doesn’t kill himself for the job. ”

Soini believes Halla-aho also realized that if the party ends up in government, it could end up in a similar flattery as the former prime minister. Juha Sipilän (central) government. That phase is also part of Soini’s recent autobiography A majority of one man, going through his decades-long political career.

However, Soini admits that the Basic Finns have fared better since he left than he had previously thought.

“It’s also because other parties are so bad.”

Basic Finns recent chairman Riikka Purra would need his own line, according to Soini.

“There has to be something of its own, there can’t be a clone of Halla-aho or a princess of inheritance.”

Soini also wonders about the election of vice-chairmen of the Basic Finnish Party Conference, of which he highlights the MP Sebastian Tynkkysen. Tynkkynen, who has been elected third vice-chairman, has already received two convictions for incitement against a group of people and was again charged in the spring with the same criminal title.

“How do people do things that way?” Soini wonders.

He returns to the idea he said earlier that there is a crater-sized opening in the Finnish political field. According to Soini, it could be filled by the center, the Basic Finns and the Christian Democrats by working more closely together. According to his calculations, the parties would then have a total of 30 per cent support.

“It would be great, Finland would be governed in the middle.”

He doesn’t say he’s actively doing anything about it himself but says he’s willing to help if someone starts driving like this.

The leadership of the basic Finns was renewed at a party meeting held in Seinäjoki on 14 August. Pictured from left are Riikka Purra, chairman, Leena Meri, Mauri Peltokangas and Sebastian Tynkkynen, vice-chairmen, and Arto Luukkanen, party secretary.

Soini returns in his book to dramatic moments in 2017, when the parliamentary group of basic Finns was divided into two parts. All Basic Finnish ministers and a number of other members of parliament resigned from the Basic Finnish Parliamentary Group and established their own parliamentary group called the New Option. A Blue Future Party was formed around it.

“Agent stories that I had led an uprising against Halla-aho or were in any way preparing for a party operation before the party meeting are not true. The display is zero. I was practically the last Member of Parliament who decided to go to a new parliamentary group, ”Soini says in the book.

Decisions are made in time with the knowledge and skills that are then available, Soini says. However, the end result could have been different if he had had the endurance to lead and think clearly at the time, Soini believes.

“No one presented this, and neither did I then, but what if I had gone [kristillis­demokraattien puheenjohtajalle] Essayahin Sarille and said that the blue and Christian parliamentary groups will be brought together? This is the kind of creativity that should be in a crisis situation. But needless to pious, I didn’t make a show then, ”he says in an interview.

Former In an interview with BTI, Foreign Minister Soini also commented on the situation in Afghanistan.

Soini says that he considers it good that the security guards who guarded the Embassy in Kabul are also being evacuated to Finland. Soini thinks that the number of guards is not very considerable and they can be distinguished from others.

“Yes, it is possible to screen the right people from there. Not bringing anyone from there to us, ”he says.

Initially, Finland was not intended to evacuate the guards responsible for the security of the embassy. Soini fears that in the decision, due to procrastination, one of the security guards and his family will be stuck on the ground.

Soini served as Foreign Minister from 2015 to 2019, and his term included the abduction of a Finnish aid worker in Afghanistan. He believes he is well aware of what is happening in Afghanistan at the moment.

“The situation is horrible, and Finland is pretty much up to date.”

According to Soini, the president of the United States Joe Biden is doing “quite a disservice” by pulling the troops away. The United States has set a deadline for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan by the end of August.

“Who will trust the West from now on? From now on, are we in a situation where China is allowed to do anything for the Uighurs, Belarus is allowed to do anything for its own and Afghanistan is allowed to do anything? Is this the new normal? ”

Soini is concerned that the European Union appears to be 27 pieces in a situation where EU countries should have a common plan.

“What is the EU’s plan? Let’s make statements, right? ”

Soini: “When you have a free soul, I don’t go back to the cage quite easily”

For a long time Timo Soini, a politician and founder of Basic Finns, has written a biography published by Otava about his experiences. A majority of one man.

“If necessary, alone right,” he explains the significance of the book’s title to BTI.

Soini withdrew from national politics in the summer of 2019. Lastly, he served as Foreign Minister on Juha Sipilä’s (central) government. The State Department was the best time for him in his political career, and there is plenty of room in the book to recall it.

He describes his career as a politician as tough but good. Soini worked for 40 years in politics, including 30 years professionally.

“Now that I’m 59, here might be one thing I could still do. However, would it be anything other than politics? After all, the aim has been to get out of politics, ”he says.

In the book, however, he leaves the door of the European Parliament open.

“It’s possible. I have networks in place, so it would be pretty easy. But let’s see now, there is still time for the European elections, ”he says.

That, too, is still open as a representative of which country or party he might run for. During the last European elections in 2019, he was asked to list both the Blue and the Christian Democrats. He was also wanted as a candidate from another member state. He does not reveal the country.

“I was Foreign Minister when the election was. That would have been a bit awkward. ”

She served as a Member of the European Parliament from 2009 to 2011.

Soini in addition to the book, he has given speech gigs in which he will present, among other things, populism and foreign and security policy. He is also currently in discussions in the direction of Rauma, where a new mayor is being sought.

“If they are looking for a person in Rauma who dares to envision and maybe get some interesting guy to visit, I am your man, ”He notes.

Anywhere he no longer goes along, and also Tiinawife has something to say.

“When you have to have a free soul, I don’t go back to the cage quite easily.”



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