Police Young people opposed the police at the closing weekend – Police inspector: “This is not a traditional use in Finland”

Some police stations also had to use supervised labor to curb youth disorder.

9.6. 15:47

Schools during the closing weekend, a large crowd gathered in the parks and the police intensified their monitoring of young people’s drug use.

Unlike in previous years, police found signs of a new and worrying phenomenon in several different locations.

In captivity situations in parks and on the streets, young people had taken up a gang against the police. For example, in combat situations, youth troops had tried to prevent police from arresting people.

“This is not a traditional use in Finland. We hope that such opposition will not become more common, ”says the police inspector Ari Järvenpää About the Police Board.

The young people celebrate the school closing weekend on the shores of Rosendahl in Tampere.

Järvenpää does not consider police opposition to be a common phenomenon yet, but suspects that it is due to the post-pandemic release and emotional release of young people.

It is or may be a criminal offense to resist and incite the police. Järvenpää urges young people to think carefully about their own behavior in such situations.

“Among them, at least, there is no increase in rationality. It could break the career path of many young people very quickly. ”

According to Järvenpää, the police have traditionally had good relations with young people. Weekend overcrowding is annoying to him.

“At least from the signatory’s point of view, we have quite a smart youth. You can celebrate, but within the limits that society has set for celebration. ”

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Police During the weekend, Finland registered a total of 607 child protection notifications to child protection authorities. In the last enhanced surveillance in 2019, that figure was 423.

Järvenpää states that the number of child protection notifications has increased slightly over the past couple of years.

“Of course, in some years, more than a thousand announcements have been made. For example, in 2010, 1,084 child protection declarations were registered that weekend. ”

Police disposed of about 800 gallons of alcoholic beverages during the school closing weekend. In 2019, approximately 1,060 liters of alcohol were disposed of. During the weekend, 118 criminal reports, penalty claims, fine claims or criminal penalty orders were recorded for the unauthorized possession and use of alcoholic beverages.



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