Police The police ‘s new electric car travels at 160 km / h – the car’ s battery drains quickly in the event of an alarm

“Comfortable to drive, smoother on the go,” describes the corresponding driver.

Police will have access to the first fully electric patrol car with police tapes. The car was handed over to the Häme Police Department in Lahti on Wednesday. By choosing, the police also want to support the Lahti European Environment Capital 2021 theme. This is a pilot project seeking experience on the vehicle’s suitability for police surveillance and alerting tasks.

“One charge can get about 300 km if you drive normally, so to speak, but the police drive may not be like that. A busy alarm task has to be driven harder and it reduces the range, ”says the senior constable Joonas Salo From Häme police to BTI.

The car is a Mercedes Benz eVito and its structure is largely in line with series production-Vito. However, the pilot car has required changes to, among other things, the floor, walls and seats in cooperation with the importer.

Car according to Salo, its equipment is not much different from police internal combustion engine-powered patrol cars.

“The car has radars and radios, a police field management system, computers, a printer and a customer transport space,” Salo lists.

The police preventive action group will use the car in the Päijät-Häme area by the beginning of next week.

“Supervision, public order and safety, youth supervision, public relations events and alert tasks,” Salo describes the use of the car.

According to Salo, the car’s top speed is in the same range as other police cars. The maximum speed promised by the manufacturer is 160 km / h.

“It hasn’t been tested yet, it’s just been moved the car from the equipment to the police station,” Salo laughs.

He can already tell that the car is smoother and more comfortable to drive when it starts.

Police have a total of about 1,500 cars at their disposal, of which just over 170 are powered by something other than petrol or diesel. In 2020 and 2021, the police have increasingly acquired both hybrid cars and all-electric cars, for example, as general-purpose civilian vehicles.



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