Police The Police Board is investigating the activities of the Helsinki Police in the Elokapina demonstration at the Government Palace

A request for an investigation has been made to the Helsinki Police regarding the activities of the police.

Police Board intends to investigate the activities of the Helsinki police in a demonstration at the Government Palace last Friday.

A request for clarification has been made to the Helsinki police.

Police action in the dismantling of the Elokapina demonstration on Friday has attracted a great deal of attention.

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In its press release, the Police Board states that it has followed the discussion on the matter and has decided to take the matter on its own initiative as an internal legality review matter.

Police captured more than 50 protesters on Friday. Four of them were minors who were released immediately.

The police will continue the investigation, and the course of events will be clarified, after which the matter will proceed to prosecution.

Suspected criminal items in the case include aggravated breaches of public peace, stubbornness and obstruction of a meeting.

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