Police The DNA test revealed: The wolf did not bite the dog walker

The outdoor clothing was examined with a DNA test.

Police has investigated a case in Kauhajoki, Southern Ostrobothnia last autumn in which a dog walker had been bitten. At the time, a suspicion was raised that the bite was a wolf. The incident occurred in October 2021.

Police took note of the case. Now the investigation is over and police have determined the bite was not a wolf.

Fresh in the fall, police heard from those involved and conducted a site investigation at the scene. Police were assisted in the on-site investigation by hunting experts. Police sent an outdoor clothing item that had been bitten off for laboratory tests.

A recent site investigation found no traces of a wolf at or near the scene. The now completed laboratory tests confirmed this: no wolf dna was found in the garment.

“The outcome of the investigations is that the bite is not a wolf,” police said in a statement released Friday.

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