Police | The big weekend of events went smoothly in Helsinki

Apart from the rockets fired at Kalasatama, the police did not come to the attention of anything else unusual over the weekend.

Helsinki the weekend full of events went without any major problems from the police’s point of view. Saturday’s Pride parade and the Tuska festival, which continued over the whole weekend, brought a lot of people to the center of Helsinki.

“There is nothing special to mention, the events did not cause any disturbances. A traditional summer weekend. The events have been held peacefully”, communication specialist of the command center of the Helsinki Police Department Silva Nieminen says.

On summer weekends, the police typically have a lot of work to do. On the night between Friday and Saturday, the Helsinki police had 452 tasks, which is slightly more than usual.

However, according to Nieminen, the number of tasks was not related to the major events organized in Helsinki. Normally on a summer Friday night there are around 300–400 tasks.

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Saturday night’s unstable weather may have contributed to the calmness.

“As soon as it’s cooler and rainy, it’s a little calmer.”

On Saturday evening, rockets were fired illegally from the roof of the Kalasatama tower block in Helsinki. According to Nieminen, nothing else extraordinary happened.

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