Police Police suspect: food messenger who went to the wrong address was threatened with an air gun in Mellunmäki

The envoy said the man threatened him with a gun. Police found an air gun in the suspect’s garage.

In Mellunmäki there was a suspected illegal threat on Saturday, says Helsinki police.

At three o’clock in the afternoon, a report arrived at the emergency center, according to which the man had threatened the whistleblower with a gun in Mellunkylä on Ritvalankuja, police say.

The alarm was made by a food messenger who said he had gone to the wrong address to deliver food. The man from the apartment had pointed him at the gun and threatened him by word of mouth.

“According to initial information, because the person may have possessed a weapon, several patrols left,” says the Director-General, Teemu Lappalainen in a police bulletin.

Police reached a 41-year-old man from his apartment. An air gun was found in the garage of the apartment.

The man is suspected of an illegal threat. According to preliminary police data, the man was nervous that the yard circuit would be used as a public driveway.

No one was injured in the situation. Traffic on Ritvalantie was cut off for a while due to the incident.

Police are continuing to investigate the case.

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