Police Police statistics show an alarming rise in the number of sexual offenses in Helsinki: “The readings worry us deeply”

Sexual offenses reported to police increased by as much as 60 percent in the first half of the year compared to last year.

Helsinki the number of sexual offenses reported to the police is increasing.

According to statistics published by the police, the number of reported sexual offenses in the first half of the year was as much as 60 percent higher than in the corresponding period last year.

Reported sexual harassment increased the most.

This is partly explained by the Töölönlahti crime series, in which three boys under the age of 15 beat passers-by in the back. The victims were mainly women.

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Criminal Commissioner Juhani Vuorisalon according to the public visibility gained by crimes can have an impact on how low a threshold people make crime reports.

Sexual crime is largely a hidden crime, much of which does not come to light to the police.

“This is one of our priorities, and we are investing in it with all the resources we have. It affects a lot how much will be revealed, ”Vuorisalo says.

Notified the number of cases has increased in all sexual offenses. For example, the number of rape offenses rose by 38 per cent from last year.

“Yes, these readings worry us deeply when growth is in this category,” says Vuorisalo.

The increase in the number of crimes under investigation is not limited to adults, but crimes against children have also come to the attention of the police.

For example, child sexual abuse increased by nearly 50 percent.

“There are a lot of these that take place online and often reveal big series,” Vuorisalo explains.

As a whole The number of crimes reported to the Helsinki police decreased slightly at the beginning of the year.

For example, there was a decline in assault crimes and intimate partner violence cases.

According to police, national crime statistics show a decline in drug and property crimes.



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