Police Police Board: The Helsinki police surveillance operation on the Roma population was not ethnic profiling

According to a report from the National Board of Police, the methods of the Helsinki Police were in accordance with the Equality Act.

Helsinki the police department received reprimands from the Police Board for the operation against the Roma population.

During 2013–2017, the Helsinki police kept a record of Roma movements in Operation Kuri 1. Yle reported on the operation in the beginning of May.

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According to the Police Board, the “general recordings for the operation were problematic.”

Police Board began an investigation into the activities of the Helsinki police when information about the operation came to light last month.

The purpose of the investigation was to investigate whether police activities violated the ban on ethnic profiling. According to the decision of the Police Board, the operation has been in accordance with the Equality Act.

“The operation has therefore been based on the law in the prescribed manner, it has had an acceptable objective in principle and the means used by the police officers to achieve the objective appear to have been proportionate,” Pekka-Matias Väisänen About the Police Board.

According to the report of the Police Board, the Helsinki police have therefore not acted in a discriminatory manner in their operation.

“Although the choice of the target of the measure has been influenced by the presumed ethnic origin of the persons, it has not been the only or decisive reason for the measures,” Väisänen says in a press release.

The police board has previously said it does not intend to disclose its report to the media.



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