Police Police arrested ten people in Helsinki last Friday “to prevent serious violence”

Police were informed of the possibility of a mass fight at an event that was to be held in Kaivohuone. Police canceled the incident.

Helsinki police arrested a total of ten people last Friday to “prevent serious violence,” the police said in a statement. Two detainees have been imprisoned.

Police were informed of the possibility of a mass fight at an event that was to be held at Kaivohuone on Friday, October 8th. Police canceled the incident.

“Police interpreted the threat of violence as meaning that it would not have been possible to organize the event. The police would not have been able to guarantee the public order and security of the event at a sufficient level, ”explains the Director of Investigation, the Commissioner of Criminal Investigation in the press release. Juhani Vuorisalo Helsinki police.

On the day of the incident, police arrested a total of ten people in the downtown area. Two of them, men, about 20 years old, were imprisoned and suspected of aggravated preparation for a crime against life or health and aggravated robbery.

Police states in its press release that the case relates to “street gangs” in the metropolitan area.

According to the press release, this is the most significant gang-related incident that the police have prevented.

On Thursday, HS spoke about the street gangs in the Helsinki metropolitan area, which include the head of the Helsinki Criminal Police Markku Heinikarin roughly estimated at about a hundred young people. The gangs mainly include men around the age of 20, but there are also some minors involved.

“We’ve been following signs of youth gang for a long time. Now, in late summer and autumn, the situation has clearly deteriorated, ”Heinikari said in an interview with HS on Thursday.


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