Police Dozens of Vietnamese suspected of being raped in Närpiö – police arrest a handful of suspects

Police are investigating the cases as aggravated rape.

Foreigners The investigation into the employees’ railways in Närpiö is expanding, the Ostrobothnian police announced on Thursday.

Dozens of foreigners are suspected of being raped. In addition to the four suspects previously reported, police have arrested a handful of suspects from various locations in Närpiö on Tuesday.

“A significant amount of money has been found through home searches, and other property has been seized for bail,” the release said.

The title of the investigation is aggravated railroads. According to police, there are dozens of victims, but the number will be specified during the preliminary investigation.

In January it was reported that four people had been arrested by police in connection with the whole. The suspects are a local Vietnamese couple and two local greenhouse entrepreneurs, he said Hufvudstadsbladet (HBL) at that time.

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The Ostrobothnian District Court arrested a business couple from Närpiö on suspicion of a crime. One of them is still in pre-trial detention and the other was released late last week.

According to police, a fifth person living abroad is also suspected of the crime.

According to HBL, the investigation concerns the long-term and systematic importation of Vietnamese labor into, inter alia, some greenhouse companies in Närpiö.

According to the Ostrobothnian Police Department, the suspects arrested this week and in January are united by their nationality, place of residence and area of ​​employment. According to the police, there does not appear to be any other contact.

Ostrobothnia the police department says it said the first clue about the case in late 2018. The first reports of crime were recorded in late 2019.

According to police, older and criminally obsolete cases have also emerged, supporting the police’s notion of a “long-standing, widespread form of crime.”

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“As part of the tangle, police are investigating the awareness of individual greenhouse entrepreneurs about the situation of their employees and whether there is reason to suspect a crime.”

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