Poetry | Eino Leino Award for poet Miia Toivio for “poems that look at the world”

Today, Tuesday is Eino Leino’s Day, a day of poetry and summer.

Eino Leinon the prize is awarded to a poet To Miia Toivio, said the Eino Leino Society.

According to Eino Leino’s club, the award is given to Toivio for his multi-toned, skilful poetry and work for Finnish lyricism.

“At the same time, his poetry is dense and close to meaning. The poems look at the world and record a common grief, but also a twinkle in the eye,” the club’s press release says.

Since 1956 since then, the prize has been awarded for a very valuable work or an activity considered valuable in the field of literature and culture.

The award includes a certificate of honor, Lauri Leppänen designed a bronze medal and a cash prize paid by the Finnish Book Foundation, EUR 5,200.

Prize was distributed for the 66th time today on Tuesday, Eino Leino Day, the day of poetry and summer.

Tickets will be raised on Tuesday in honor of the poem and summer.

The day has been celebrated since 1992 and is also an established flagging day.

Beloved poet Eino Leino that is, between 1878 and 1926. He was also a versatile and outspoken cultural influencer of his era. He is also known for his plays and work as a journalist.



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