Podcast | The Foreign Policy: The ABC of Trolling

Trolls, QAnon and the coronadenialists are on the same bucket

What manifestations of trolling are found in different parts of the world? And what belongs to the Finnish “hörhömystö”?

Information interaction has been part of human interaction throughout the ages. Today, however, technological advances and changes in the political climate have contributed to the role of trolls, which has become broader and more diverse than ever before.

The non-fiction writer, communications expert and swear blogger discuss the role of trolling in world politics in The Foreigner’s new podcast episode Janne “Rysky” Riiheläinen, Professor of Working Life at Aalto University and host of the Coffee for a Key podcast Risto Sarvas and Doctor of Philosophy, author of the online journal The Foreign Policy Juho Kotakallio.

Information influencing and disinformation will also be discussed this spring in the Trolling Geography lecture course implemented by The Ulkopolitist online magazine and Aalto University. Sarvas is the organizer of the Trolling Geography lecture series, Riiheläinen and Kotakallio are visiting lecturers of the course.

The Foreign Policy is a podcast of an online magazine dealing with international political phenomena and Finnish foreign and security policy. The presenters of the latest episode are Annastina Haapasaari and Anni Lindgren. Responsible for the technical implementation of the podcast Petri Vanhanen.

Listen to the latest The Foreign Policy podcast every other Saturday.

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