Podcast Review | What is a good obese? Eveliina Mäntylä’s social and media-critical series tells how people are adapted to different molds

The expert interviewees in the series are from the Nonfiction Report.

Social in the eyes of a good obese is one who wants to lose weight. A good unemployed person is struggling to get back into work. The immigrant is studying and adapting.

Eveliina Mäntylän the podcast tells the story of model stories that fit different groups of people into specific molds. It is not only social but also media criticism, as the media is actively involved in constructing stereotypes. For example, the cavalcade of the opening period from overweight weight loss reports published in various media must wake up in all its comedy.

A couple of other model stories have been included. In the imagination, the junkie is supposed to be at the bottom, and the crazy artist grabs his morning porridge with red wine.

Expert interviewees in the series Tytti Rantanen, Maria Mäkelä and Matias Nurminen are familiar with the critical attention that received a lot of attention in 2020 The dangers of the report non-fiction book.

The series, produced by the radio’s documentary group, takes its dramaturgical model of documentaries made in the broadcast stream environment in recent years. Because the episodes in this podcast are much longer, the content begins to play anesthetically.

Good fat and other stories, Yle Areena as well as Radio 1 on Saturdays.


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