Podcast | HS Visio Podcast: How Has Marin’s Government Succeeded?

In the HS Visio podcast, which appears on weekday mornings, HS’s expert editors reveal the backgrounds and significance of the most important news.

Today begins the midfield of the government, which under normal circumstances is a really important place to stop. It would then be necessary to analyze what the government has achieved and what it needs to do over the next two years. But how do we analyze anything now that there is mostly chaos and trouble behind us and fog in front? Editor: Tuomas Peltomäki, guest Marko Junkkari.

You can watch the conversation from the player above. The discussion is based in part on this article. You can also subscribe to news feeds like this on your own phone, as the conversation is part of HS Visio podcast. In a podcast that appears on weekday mornings, HS’s expert editors reveal the backgrounds and relevance of the most important news.

In addition, the podcast has provided a news day anticipation designed to help the listener smite the flood of political, economic, and foreign news and announcements of the coming day by scrolling through the most relevant news topics.

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