Podcast | Futucast: Are we living the beginning of a new era, Jamie Metzl?

20.12. 16:39

Futucastin is a guest Jamie Metzlin, according to which we are living right now the beginning of a new era in the history of earthly life. In the years since the mapping of the human genetic heritage, humanity has created a technology that can directly modify human genes.

In practice, this can make it possible to reduce congenital diseases, but also to adjust the color, length and possibly even intelligence of the eyes. What exactly is this technology really, and are we ready to embrace it?

Revolutionary technologies can have both revolutionary good and revolutionary bad uses. Is our rather imperfect humanity ready to take on the responsibilities of this new era?

Futucast is a chat program that is hosted by Isak Rautio and William von der Pahlen.

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