Piqué hit Shakira with a pitch: they filter video of a premeditated blow


Pique and Shakira

Ball to Shakira.

Ball to Shakira.

Round in networks this video of the time in which the couple lived together.

Gerard Piqué remains in constant controversy. If it is not for his recent attitudes, showing his new partner Clara Chía, after his separation from Shakira, it is because of situations from the past that revive him daily.

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Shakira’s shot

Well, now an old video of the ex-partner at the time they were together is on the social networks.

In the short image, broadcast by various entertainment media, it looks like Shakira gets up and receives a premeditated ball from Piqué.

Shakira and Pique

Both celebrities had a relationship of 12 years and two children.


Instagram: @shakira / @3gerardpique

“Have if I hit him directly in the chest,” Piqué is heard saying in a whisper, when the Colombian leaves the room.

Piqué’s first attempt was unsuccessful, as the ball hit the wall, but the rebound did go straight to Shakira, who complained, while Piqué laughed at her.

“This is living with a soccer player!” Shakira posted on Twitter on August 10, 2015.

The video, now, in the midst of the tension of the ex-partner, who is in his legal divorce process, goes out to the networks and Internet users destroy the footballer.


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