Piqué, bluntly, made his salary public at Barcelona


Gerard Piquà ©, Barcelona player.

Gerard Piqué, Barcelona player.

He did it to deny that he is the best payment of the entire staff.

The central of the Barcelona Gerard Hammered He published on his Twitter account a bank statement of 50% of his last payroll as a Barça player to deny information that assured that the central defender is the best paid in the first football team.

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Piqué posted an image with the figure of 2,328,884.39 euros corresponding, as he said, to 50% of his salary as of December 30, 2021.

This message comes after the Catalan Television (TV3) program ‘Onze’ reported that the central defender, Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba are the three Barcelona players who earn the most.

‘They defend their friends’

Gerard Piqué

“Characters like this charging from public television to defend their friends. Here are 50% of my payroll collected as of December 30. Respect yourself a little,” wrote Piqué, referring to the publication on Twitter of the television program with the information explained by the journalist Lluís Canut.

In this information, the journalist assured that Piqué collected 28 million euros gross before taxes. Before the publication of Piqué on its social networks, the club stressed that the amounts published “are wrong” and “do not conform to reality.”

“In addition, in the case of the first three players referred to (Piqué, Busquets and Alba) it gives as fixed amounts that, being variable, may never be merited,” said the entity.

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