Pictures.. Extracting a mass of hair from a girl’s stomach

The mass was extracted by a rare process

Electronic Union – Abu Dhabi

A Jordanian medical team in a government hospital in the Jordanian capital, Amman, managed to extract a mass of hair weighing 6 kilograms from the abdomen of a twenty-year-old girl in a rare operation.

The Director-General of Al-Bashir Hospital, Dr. Ali Al-Abdallat, said that the medical staff in the General Surgery Department dealt with a rare disease called “hairy bezoar” for a 20-year-old girl, which is a very rare condition called “hair-eating mania,” according to Sky News. .

Al-Abdallat explained that the girl had been referred to the emergency department of the hospital, and had been suffering from severe pain and constipation for five days, difficulty in swallowing, and a drop in weight by nearly 30 kilograms during the past year. The girl was exposed to a state of severe psychological tension, which resulted in eating large quantities of hair, and after the x-rays, it was found that there was a large mass of hair in the digestive system and stomach, which led to a complete closure of the digestive tract.


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