Photography Nature photo of the year is a rare shot of a branch swallow in nest-building trees – Photographer Petri Pietiläinen settled on the same level as his subject

The jury praises the composition of the nature photo of the year and the perpetuation of a rare situation.

Nature picture of the year has been selected as the winner of the competition Petri Pietiläinen branch swallow image Builder.

The results of the 40th Nature Photo of the Year competition, held for the 40th time this year, were announced on Saturday, October 17, at the Logomo Cultural Center in Turku.

The jury of the competition characterizes the winning image as a skilfully recorded moment of the construction work of the branch swallow and the collection of nest supplies.

“Usually this bird can only be seen in flight, but here the photographer has managed to get to the same level as the target,” the jury describes in the press release.

The jury also appreciates the composition and vertical cropping of the winning bird image: “The rarely seen composition highlights the shapes and special position of the branch swallow. The tail feather directs the gaze nicely to the swallow’s beak. The image is crowned by the light spot of the eye. ”

Pietiläinen, 55, took a picture in Vuosaari, Helsinki, at the bottom of Pikku Kallahti one May morning last year.

“Before sunset, I went to Uutela to watch the tern fishing, but nothing miraculous happened. I went pedaling to the shoreline of Aurinkolahti, and I noticed that the seawater had fallen. There were branch swallows fetching nest material from the sludge, ”Pietiläinen says by phone.

After a few aerial photographs, Pietiläinen got the idea to also take pictures from ground level. He put the camera flat on the ground from his hand, and the winning streak was born.

The sampling process describes Pietiläinen’s photographic methods more generally. He says he is a mover in nature who observes and describes everything interesting that just happens. For example, he doesn’t do long projects or sit in hideouts waiting for a certain moment.

Photography and Pietiläinen says that he started the bird hobby as a little boy. He still describes mainly birds as hobbies but also macro photography of insects.

“I am fascinated by the shapes and color scheme of the birds, and that is why portrait-like close-ups should be taken, a bit like this winning image. The goal is to stop the beauty of nature in that small moment and bring it out through the pictures, ”Pietiläinen says.

Pietiläinen lives in Helsinki and works in the IT sector for a large international company. The work is often hectic and nerve-tight. Therefore, access to nature is a breather.

“When you get to sit on the beach with the camera to admire the sunrise, it does good.”

Pietiläinen has previously submitted his photographs to various competitions. He has previously received an honorable mention in the Nature Picture of the Year competition. His photograph now also made it into the audience voting category of the world’s largest nature photography competition, Wildlife Photographer of the Year. Its outcome will be resolved in February.

Winning the Nature Picture of the Year competition was a real surprise.

“Usually, the news of a potential win has come a couple of months earlier, so I had already lost hope when the call finally came in early September. It felt good. ”

Winner of the Landscapes series: August morning, Jarmo Manninen.­

Nature picture of the year The main prize of the competition is 10,000 euros, and the total value of the prizes and publication prizes awarded in the competition is more than 35,000 euros.

A record number of photos were submitted to the Nature Photo of the Year competition this year: More than 15,000 photos from a total of 864 different photographers. The images competed by subject in eight different series as well as in the youth series.

All 40 award-winning images can be seen competition website.

Hannu Ahonen, winner of the Plants and Mushrooms series: Ulpuka’s root system.­

The aim of the competition is to tell about the multifaceted nature of Finnish nature, its views and events, as well as the experiences and insights experienced by photographers in nature. Nature Photo of the Year is a visually impressive photograph that shows the skill of photography and whose main message is Finnish nature.

The Nature Photo of the Year competition is organized by the Finnish Nature Photographers SLV. The association includes 2,800 nature photography enthusiasts and professionals. The Nature Photo of the Year festival is the largest nature photography event in the Nordic countries.

Winner of the Mammals series: Tunturisopul’s native landscape, Esa Mälkönen.­

Winner of the Other Animals series: I Eat with My Eyes, Sirke Vaarma.­

Winner of the Composition and Shape series: There are gold wings in it, Petri Koivisto.­

Winner of the Nature and Man series: A Moment of Prayer, Arto Leppänen.­

Winner of the Youth (b. 2002–2012) series: Engagement Gift, Onni Rantanen.­

Winner of the Free and Creative series: Hohto, Markku Pihlajaniemi.­


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