Philippines At least nine people have died in the Philippines after Hurricane Kompasu hit the ground

11 people were missing after the hurricane. By Tuesday, the storm had already subsided.

In the Philippines has killed at least nine people after a tropical hurricane hit the ground on Monday, causing floods and landslides, news agencies reported on Tuesday.

In addition, 11 people were missing. During Hurricane Kompasu, wind speeds rose to 100 kilometers per hour.

Nearly 1,600 people had to be evacuated due to the storm.

Terrestrial according to the authorities, according to regional data, the landslides killed four people and the floods five people.

Rescue work was underway on Tuesday, but the storm had already subsided. The compass is expected to move out of the Philippines on Tuesday.

The Philippines suffers from a couple of dozen hurricanes each year, bringing with it heavy rains and landslides.

On Monday, people were evacuated by ropes in Gonzaga.


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