Pfizer Provides 40 Million Doses of Corona Vaccine for the Kovacs Mechanism

Bottles of the Pfizer-Biontech vaccine against Corona

Today, Friday, the World Health Organization and the “Pfizer-Biontech” alliance have reached an agreement that allows providing 40 million doses of the emerging coronavirus vaccine for the “Kovax” platform for the benefit of the poorest countries.
Albert Burla, president of Pfizer, said at a press conference with the World Health Organization that the 95 percent effective vaccine doses would be sold “at cost” and would be delivered during the first quarter of this year.
The Kovacs platform was set up in an attempt to allow an equitable distribution of vaccines against Corona, and there is also an option for it with the vaccine manufacturer in India, Serum Institute of India, to obtain a hundred million doses of the “Oxford-AstraZeneca” vaccine. Most of these doses are expected to be delivered during the first quarter of the year as well.
But the World Health Organization must give, before that, emergency approval for this last vaccine, by mid-February.
So far, only the Pfizer-Bionic vaccine has been approved by the international organization of the United Nations.
The Covid-19 epidemic has resulted in more than two million deaths in the world since it was first detected in December 2019.
“It is not just vaccines that will help us put an end to this epidemic, it is vaccination,” said WHO director Tedros Adanum Ghebreyesus.

Source: Reuters


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