Pets Divorcing couples argue about dogs more and more often and even at the courts – “Papers in order while still being loved and smiling”

Experts point out that, as with children, post-separation solutions must take into account the dog’s best interests and not their own anger.

If there are two of us and one dog, how many dogs do each have? In the case of a couple, the two often have one whole dog in common, but when separated, the situation may become more complicated – and more and more often complicated.

“Pet disputes have increased and will increase, that’s obvious. The status of dogs has changed over the years, and when a dog no longer lives outdoors but indoors, the pet really is in the position of a family member and is treated with great emotion, ”says the consumer law expert and trainer. Tuula Sario To STT.

In addition, more and more dogs are being taken: especially with the pandemic, there has been a sharp increase in demand. So when the difference comes, more and more people are also considering the fate of the dog.

Enlarge despite the emotions, from the point of view of the law, the dog is divided as one item among spoons, dams, and pots. Legally, a dog is a movable object in the event of separation.

“Ownership is decided by who bought and paid for the dog and whose name is on the deed of sale. It may not be the one that has been more with the dog, ”Sario points out.

Dispute the pet sometimes gets so hard that a solution is sought in the district court. Sario knows of a case where a former couple has taken their battle for gerbil ownership to be decided by a judge.

According to Sario, the circuit trip is not in anyone’s interest. To avoid unnecessary controversy, he advises to settle things in good time, preferably as soon as the animal is procured.

“Let’s put the papers in order while still being loved and smiling. The marriage contract, will and trust documents are also made at the stage when the polla is played. ”

Dog for example, it may clearly be in the name of another, or the treatment and cost-sharing options for a possible difference will be reviewed in advance.

Sario finds it natural, for example, that if one has a hobby with a dog, the dog stays at least mainly in the hobbyist’s hotels. In this way, its life continues as similarly as possible even after the separation.

If a dispute arises and recourse is made to the authorities, according to Sario, the strongest will be those who can show that they took care of the animal primarily and, for example, paid for the pet.

“The more mess there becomes, the more complicated the matter is. One pays, the other’s name is on the deed, one hobbies, the other pays the expenses… Then it’s a pretty desperate situation. ”

Resignation is rarely particularly fun. The crisised mood and the changes brought about by the difference can also have a big impact on the dog’s well-being, especially if it is a sensitive individual.

“It has been studied that traumatic events in a dog’s life increase the incidence of illness in parents. Such events can be, for example, the movement of a family member, the birth or escape of a child, ”says the docent of animal behavior, a researcher. Katriina Tiira.

Because a dog barely understanding contract law, an animal may treat, for example, a couple to either of them as if they are the protagonist, regardless of who the official owner is. Tiira reminds that it is typical for many breeds to be attached to only one person in particular.

If, after the separation, we end up in joint ownership and shelters, Tiira advises to keep the dog’s routines as similar as possible in both homes.

“Many times a dog learns to behave differently with different people and gets used to waking up with one two hours later than the other. However, similar routines support adaptation to two homes, especially if the dog is having difficulty at first. ”

Signs According to Tiira, the stress of a dog can be, for example, stomach upset, fasting, excessive calmness or changes in behavior.

Both Sario and Tiira emphasize that in the midst of a quarrel, the dog’s best interest must be remembered. Sario says he believes that if people get a dog together, animal welfare is important to both.

Therefore, common sense must be kept in hand and one must be able to consider where the dog is best to be and whether, for example, moving from a detached house to an apartment building is a good idea.

“The problem is that emotions get so hot that you can’t think of rational solutions and a dog’s interest. My own longing can blind even a clever idea, ”Sario describes.

Tiira points out that if a dog clearly needs one person more than another in its daily life, sharing the dog equally is a silly idea. At the same time, however, in the case of a social and brisk dog, co-ownership can be a joyful thing for a dog as well, as the variation between two homes brings stimuli to life.

A pet company can also be a good thing especially if after the separation the loneliness effort.

“Quite a few depressions have been overcome and divorces have been resolved by walking the dog outdoors. If the dog adapts and is not stressed, it can be a big help and emotional support. ”



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