Peru | Right-wing candidate Fujimori barely leads Peru in the presidential election

Keiko Fujimori received 52.9 percent of the vote after 42 percent of the polls were counted.

Right-wing populist Keiko Fujimori is barely in the lead in the Peruvian presidential election, with votes counted in 42 percent of polls. Fujimori has so far received 52.9 percent of the vote. The news results were reported by the news agency AFP.

Electoral management has pointed out that there are still plenty of rural polling stations not counted. They are expected to bring votes to the left-wing radical candidate Pedro Castillolle.

An even distribution of votes was to be expected, as the candidates were found to be statistically equal in the support measurements. Neither candidate has widespread support in the country.

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“They have not lowered our votes yet,” Castillo told his supporters in his home region of Tacabamba, in northern Peru.

Inquiry for those leaving the polling station predicted Fujimori’s profit by 50.3 per cent, but three hours later another calculation again predicted Castillo to lead by 50.2 per cent.

The above caused Castillo supporters to protest on Lima Street, which is why the candidate has appealed to voters and asked them to remain calm.

“Because of such a small difference, it is essential to remain cautious, and I say this to all Peruvians,” Fujimori also said.



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