Peru: President Dina Boluarte will announce her cabinet this Saturday



The president will assess whether it is necessary to call new elections.

The president will evaluate whether it is necessary to call new elections.

Dina Boluarte, assumes her position with more than half of her ministries empty.

Dina Boluartethe new one president of peruannounced that today he will form a new government after the dismissal and arrest of Pedro Castillo, accused of attempting a coup. But discontent grows in the streets, where followers of Castillo demand his release and the call for elections.

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Boluarte, who assumes his position with more than half of his ministries empty due to massive resignations, announced that he will evaluate whether or not the situation “merits” general reelections.

While the president tries to organize a fragmented government, the judicial future of Castillo is also being decided, who could face a sentence of 20 years in prison for the crime of rebellion.

In the streets, opinions are just as fragmented as the government. The marches yesterday in favor of the ex-president they summoned nearly a thousand protesters who demanded a new Congress and Dina’s resignation.

Another issue: Peru: Discontent grows as Castillo’s successor negotiates new government

Protests in Peru after the dismissal of Castillo.

Castillo was captured while going to the Mexico’s embassy to apply for asylum. Yesterday, political figures questioned his psychological state and suggested that he may have been on drugs when he ordered the dissolution of Congress.


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