Person “Word spread that it is mahogany” – Roadside Jari-Pekko does not sell alcohol or tobacco, and now owner Jari-Pekka Koponen tells the real reasons

Jari-Pekka Koponen has three service stations called Jari-Pekka. Now he tells us what we all have to learn from the station’s regular customers.

Jari-Pekka, Jari-Pekka. ”

This is how the service provider answers the phone Jari-Pekka Koponen, the phone rings all the time.

He is probably Finland’s most famous Jari-Pekka. Clearly, my first name was not a bad choice for a service station chain name. The chain has become a success in 30 years. Today, there are three Jari-Pekka stations: in Hankasalmi, Hartola and Joroinen.



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