Person There is a clear reason for today’s insomnia, says sleep researcher Markku Partinen – Fortunately, the brain can be tricked into falling asleep, and now he tells how to do it.

Doctor Markku Partinen is a pioneer of sleep research in Finland. He has seen how and for what reasons insomnia has increased all the time in Finland. Now Partinen lists how there are different ways to affect sleep. In the end, the means can be surprisingly small and easy.

Good good morning, sleep researcherMarkku Partinen!

You’re probably already guessing the first question: how did you sleep last night?

“Thank you, I slept pretty well,” says Partinen on the phone from his home in Espoo.

“Admittedly, the Bella dog came to lick in the middle of the night, and it had to be let out to pee.”

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