Person Samuel Jyrinki, 32, is a Lestadian father and bisexual – Now he and his wife tell how life changed when the secret was revealed

Social counselor Samuel Jyrinki is a conservative Lestadian family father and bisexual. When the secret was revealed, wife Aune-Elina was not very surprised. Now the Jyrings want to speak up for acceptance of difference.

Samuel and Aune-Elina Jyrinki began dating at the end of high school.

Aune-Elina fell in love with Samuel’s positivity and the fact that it was easy to talk about everything with her. Samuel liked Aune-Elina’s liveliness and sense of humor.

They had known him since high school and moved in a like-minded group of Lestadian youth. The schoolmates called them lessu or lesto, sometimes teasing.



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