Person Miia Sillman reported on her sexual abuse and has since received numerous contacts from other victims – now she has an important message for all adults

Miia Sillman says it took many years to accept what happened. “Time has improved. There is no shortcut to such a thing. Everyone is improving at their own pace.”

Miia Sillman now speaks in favor of making it safer for children and young people to pursue and exercise themselves in the future. He himself could not tell anyone about the abuse for a long time.

Mikko Gynther Aamulehti

10:00 | Updated 13:49

Horseflesh were To Miia Sillman as a child almost everything in everything. He also practiced athletics, whose workouts might be interrupted from time to time because of horses.

Sillman did everything possible with the horses, including riding and caring for them. He dreamed of his own horse and considered going to Ruovesi riding high school.

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