Person Many people imagine that the most important thing is to recover from work in the evenings, but it is not true – Psychologist Anniina Virtanen talks about seven effective ways to recover

“It is worth taking care of mental health when things are still well – not only when we are already exhausted at the office of a work psychologist,” recalls psychologist Anniina Virtanen.­

Psychologist Anniina Virtanen advises how to recover in the middle of a boring Korona everyday life. You should invest in your own well-being, even if you could. For many, all leisure time is dwindling to recovering from work, but that’s not how it should go.

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Morning psychologist Anniina Virtanen start like this: he eats breakfast, puts on his sneakers, and goes for a walk.

He lives in the center of Tampere, so he will be greeted by a beautiful rapids landscape and the Cathedral. With a short walk you wake up properly and get the day off to a good start.

“Yes, it feels quite different if you go straight from the bed to the screen.”

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