Pepper Race 2021 Great gingerbread work in search again – HS launches the already traditional gingerbread race

The theme of HS’s city editorial pepper race this year is the city and nature.

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Corona period exceptional circumstances have gotten people out and into nature. Excursions to the nearby forests have colored the free time. On the other hand, people have been moved and protested by both the construction of home corners and concerns about climate change.

Now is the time to turn the news and events related to the city and nature of the year into gingerbread. The traditional pepper race of HS’s city delivery begins, the theme this year is the city and nature.

Theme gives plenty of options. You can immortalize nearby forests and natural wonders in pepper, or take a stand on construction work that requires felling trees.

The gingerbread work can be made, for example, from the protesters in Elokapina or show how the runway at Malmi Field began to be excavated. Instructions for participation are at the end of this story, as are links to some nature-related news as potential sources of inspiration.

In June, the city of Helsinki tore up parts of the old runways at Malmi Airport. Since then, the city has apologized for what happened.

Helsinki Resident in Töölö Erja Karesto invented the nature theme as early as last year. He participated in the 2020 pepper race with his work Ruuhkaa Lammassaari.

Erja Karesto made a work on nature topics for the pepper race already in 2020.

“Already a trip to Lammassaari is an experience. The elongated trees in the reeds are great and the fact that there is such a place near the center, ”says Karesto.

What are Kareston’s tricks for a successful gingerbread? Pike and matchboxes for support.

The congestion in Lammassaareen had been used as a manufacturing material. According to Karesto, pitcher, a very hardening garnish made from protein and icing sugar, is safer than melted sugar, which easily burns your fingers.

“I split the pitcher into lots, and color it with food colors. It is preserved as long as it is kept so that it cannot dry out, ”says Karesto.

Demonstrators from the Elokapina movement demand that a climate emergency be declared on Mannerheimintie in Helsinki. There have been several similar demonstrations during the year.

Match boxes Karesto is used to keep the pepper parts upright until the pitcher that acts as their glue solidifies.

Karesto also bakes peppercorns just a few at a time. Then they have time to be shaped hot with a knife before they cool and harden to break.

The HS Gingerbread Competition has been held since 2013. It proceeds by the editorial board selecting the final works from the photographs submitted to the competition, from which HS readers then vote for the winner.

The strange view of nature was amused in Vuosaari, Helsinki, in February. The fox tried to get food from a scorch hardened by subcooled water.

This is how you participate in the pepper race 2021

Competition according to the rules, the subject of the gingerbread work must be related to the city and nature.

So bake something that has been left in your mind about the urban nature or its preservation in 2021. Take a photo of your gingerbread work and send it to HS. For potential victory, the work should be kept until the race is over.

You can participate in the competition no later than Sunday 12 December by sending a photo to Write Piparikisa 2021 as the subject of the message and include your phone number.

There are separate children’s and adult series in the competition. The children’s series is open to those aged 12 and under. For example, school classes or families can register.

The winners of both series will be rewarded with a book.

In April, graphic artist and cartoonist Timo Ronkainen worked on an alternative illustration of Helsinki’s Elielinaukio, where significant additional construction is planned.

Residents Tapani Launis (left), Tuomo Kotimäki, Lauri Nordberg and Sanni Seppo have been concerned about Helsinki’s construction intentions around the Riistavuori forest.

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