Peat On sleepless nights, a peat entrepreneur considers covering the entire neva with solar panels: No one buys burning peat from Marko Nummijärvi anymore

Marko Nummijärvi from Kauhajoki is not going to lift any more peat from its bogs next summer, because it will not go on sale. The plight of peat entrepreneurs like him is one of the contentious issues in the government framework debate that begins today.

Kauhajoki resident peat entrepreneur Marko Nummijärvi, 51, does not plan to raise milled combustion peat from its peat bridges for energy production next summer.

It’s a huge change in the history of his two peat companies. About 70 percent of the workload evaporates at once.

“The extraction of fuel peat must be stopped when it cannot be sold,” says Nummijärvi.

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