Parties Yle’s support measure: the Coalition Party’s most popular party, the Left Alliance lost its support the most

The mutual order of the parties remains unchanged, Yle’s recent support survey shows.

Mightily fresh support measurement according to the Coalition Party is the most popular party with 21.3 per cent support. The party’s popularity has risen by almost one percentage point over Yle in August from a previous measurement.

The SDP is second with 18.7 per cent and the Basic Finns are third with 17.6 per cent. Thus, the mutual order of the parties remains unchanged.

The support of basic Finns decreased slightly, but the change of chairman does not seem to have greatly changed the party’s support.

During the measurement period, he became the chairman of the basic Finns Riikka Purra, which followed in the wash Jussi Halla-ahoa.

During the year, however, support for the parliamentary elections in basic Finns has clearly decreased in Yle’s measurements. In the first survey of the year, the Basic Finns were the most popular party and the Coalition Party only in third place, but during the municipal elections the order changed. The Coalition Party’s municipal election victory has been followed by a steady rise in parliamentary election support.

Left Alliance loses its support by one percentage point. The support of the Left Alliance in the recent measurement is 7.6 per cent.

The support for the Greens is 11.4 per cent. The party’s support rose by half a percentage point.

There were no major changes in the support of the Center, the RKP and the Christian Democrats.

The support for the center is 12.2 per cent, for the RKP 4.4 per cent and for the Christian Democrats 3.3 per cent.

Movement Nyt’s support is 2.5 percent. Support increased by 0.7 percentage points.

Mightily just under 2,400 people responded to the survey from 4 to 31 August. Respondents were asked which party’s candidate they would vote for if the parliamentary elections were held now.

The study was carried out by Economic Research and has a margin of error of two percentage points in its direction.



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