Parties Several Greens shed light on joining NATO: “Putin’s output has increased the need to discuss our position,” says Iiris Suomela

The Greens’ position on NATO may change at the May party meeting. Suomela, who is deputizing for the chairman, does not want to state her own position.

Several the Greens believe that Finland should apply for membership of the military alliance NATO, or at least consider applying for membership.

Member of the European Parliament Ville Niinistö said it had ended up showing a “yellow light” to NATO membership on Monday.

“It is not a matter of weeks or months, but I think it is possible that Finland could become a member of NATO within the next five years,” Niinistö writes in his blog.

Another MEP from the Greens Alviina Alametsä for its part, it says that it would be time for Finland to start negotiations on NATO membership.

“After much deliberation, I think that NATO membership would be the way to ensure Finland’s independence and strengthen peace in the Baltic Sea,” Alametsä said in a statement.

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Last week, chairman of the Group of the Greens Atte Harjanne saidthat Finland should “redeem its NATO option without delay”.

The Greens the current position for 2018 is that “the Greens do not see NATO membership as relevant, but changes in the security policy situation must be constantly monitored”. Is this going to change, or are the outputs of the last few days just the views of individual representatives?

Member of Parliament for Vice-President Iiris Suomela says the Greens will update their political agenda at the May party meeting. Preparatory work is already under way.

“No one can deny that not much has happened in recent years.”

Suomela anticipates that there will be a lively discussion about the NATO position within the party.

“No one can deny that not much has happened in recent years. Especially in recent weeks Vladimir Putin the outputs have increased the need to discuss our position and whether it should be updated in any direction. The strengthening of lobbying thinking challenges Finland to seek its own line. ”

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Own Suomela does not want to state its position.

“My job is to allow for membership discussion and then to support and support the position we decided together in May. At this point, I am looking at the issue, looking forward to the debate. ”

Suomela says that it has emphasized in its own thinking how the leading NATO countries view human rights.

Donald Trumpin during the presidency, this was a huge concern, and he was also a militarily unpredictable leader. But Joe Biden the situation has changed in the era, and of course it makes many people wonder what the right way to look at military alliances from a human rights perspective is. ”

Suomela notes that even if the Greens’ own position on the NATO issue changes in the spring, the government and parliament will decide on Finland’s line.

“In other words, it is mainly in our internal debate that we are looking towards the coming government and government negotiations.”

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