Parties Riikka Purra from basic Finns responds to Minister Tuppurainen’s criticism: “Bright-headed hochemias with no concrete at all”

Tuppurainen criticized the basic Finns for undermining the rule of law and MP Purra for suggesting a significant tightening of immigration policy.

Basic Finns Member of Parliament and Candidate for President Riikka Purra does not understand the Minister for Europe and Corporate Governance Tytti Tuppurainen (sd) to target Finns with criticism.

The Minister criticized the basic Finns for undermining the rule of law and Member of Parliament Purra for proposing a significant tightening of immigration policy.

“If he really sees the rule of law as a mere legal problem and not a political problem at all, then the same principle should be followed in many other matters and for more countries,” Purra says.

“Basic Finns have drawn attention to the fact that the rule of law is interpreted differently in different countries. This is not an invention of basic Finns, but the Parliamentary Audit Committee has drawn attention to the same issue. ”

Tuppurainen reminded that the largest opposition party has not been willing to support the new rule of law mechanism. Basic Finns recently disagreed with the Grand Committee’s opinion on whether the use of EU funds should be linked to the rule of law.

“This is quite a detachment from Finnish EU policy,” said Minister Tuppurainen.

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Basic Finns justified its position, inter alia, by differences in national rule of law cultures.

The party also doubted that raising the problems of Poland and Hungary strongly was partly political, because these countries, for example, have a different view of immigration policy from Finland.

“But it is important to ask whether these policies, especially those related to European policy, are such as to be able to find a common line on European policy in the government program,” the minister said.

He also raised MP Purra’s views on immigration. Purra recently stated that the Basic Finns under his leadership would not participate in a government that would not significantly tighten immigration policy.

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“They [näkemykset] are, in fact, in complete conflict with a policy that has been at the heart of social democracy … in which, however, human rights have been fought for. ‘

Congressman Purra thinks that Minister Tuppurainen’s criticism was very abstract and moves at the top level.

“I’ve noticed that he has a variety of bright-headed vocabularies that have no concreteness at all. I have previously referred to the old social democratic tradition, which was interested in defending Finnish work and jobs. ”

Purra also wonders that Tuppurainen has said that he is a realist and a Tannerian Social Democrat in immigration policy.

“Practically nothing suggests this. When we look at our neighboring country, Sweden, we see that the Social Democrats also have to look at their positions. ”



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