Parties Party leaders comment on HS-Gallup’s changes – Basic Finnish Juvonen considers the result “very good”

According to a recent vote of support in the HS, the Coalition Party still holds the seat of the largest party. The popularity of basic Finns, on the other hand, is declining by several percentage points.

Tuesday According to a published HS support survey published in July, the situation between the parties has remained fairly unchanged compared to the early summer municipal elections.

Indeed, the representatives of the largest parties believe that the results of the municipal elections will be reflected in their current support.

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The Coalition Party became the largest party in HS’s most recent support survey in July, with 19.9 per cent support. The increase compared to May was almost three percentage points.

“Yes, it brings a really good mood. This is the breath of summer after the municipal elections, which already went excellently with the Coalition Party, ”says the Coalition Party’s vice-chairman Elina Valtonen.

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Valtonen believes that the party’s victory in the municipal election will have its share of increased support. The party achieved a larger-than-expected election victory when its result rose to 21.4 percent.

“I think it matters, too. On the other hand, the municipal elections also showed distrust of the government. ”

According to Valtonen, the government lost its credibility in the eyes of voters last spring, especially the protracted one frame rope because of. However, he believes that the growth of the Coalition’s support was primarily influenced by the party’s own policy from the opposition.

“We’ve been pursuing our own policies on a long-term basis, and we haven’t gone to gossip or blink at the pages. I also believe that our economic policy is starting to bite in the eyes of the electorate. ”

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Also The position of the SDP as the second most popular party after the Coalition Party has remained unchanged. Vice Chairman of the Party Matias Mäkysen According to the SDP, the support that has remained in place can be considered as expected.

“It’s been calmer during the summer. There may have been less discussion, and the coronation situation has been calmer. ”

According to the HS’s support survey in July, the party’s support increased by 0.2 percentage points in May. This now means 19.2% support.

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During the spring and summer, the Prime Minister’s Party has received criticism from, among others, the cultural and restaurant sectors. However, Mäkynen no longer believes that the corona has had a significant effect on support.

“Yes, a critical discussion will always certainly make an impact in some respects. However, I do not think that Korona is visible in support anymore, but that politics is starting to return to more mundane issues. ”

According to Mäkynen, the government’s decision-making capacity and the budget debate next autumn will be essential for the development of the Prime Minister’s party’s support in the near future.

Gallup based on the most popular has lost the Basic Finns.

Second Vice Chairman of the Party Arja Juvonen recalls that, despite the downturn, the party has still managed to surpass, for example, its results in the last parliamentary elections. At that time, 17.5 per cent of basic Finns voted.

“I’m not at all worried about the outcome. On the contrary, I find it very good, ”says Juvonen.

“As the third largest party, it’s good to be in this situation.”

In June, just at the beginning of the support survey, the party chairman Jussi Halla-aho said he is not looking for an extension in his wash.

According to Juvonen, the change of party leadership may have affected the support. He even considers it natural.

“Halla-aho has been so infinitely liked and appreciated,” he says.

“But nothing new should ever be feared. The party is moving forward and will not be left wondering if the drop is due to this. ”

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Downtown the popularity, on the other hand, rose by 1.5 percentage points in the HS support measure. According to Gallup, the party’s support is now 12.6 percent.

Vice-Chairman of the Center Markus Lohi sees a slight increase in party support as a positive thing.

“It’s very good to have a rise in it. The result is encouraging that our direction is right. ”

Lohi also believes that the result of the municipal election affected the results of the July support survey. The center achieved a so-called fight victory in the municipal elections, when its long-running low support rose to 14.9 per cent in the elections.

“Although this is now a parliamentary election survey, I think our municipal election results will be reflected in the survey.”

Support for just over 12 per cent is historically still very low for the city center. According to Salmon, the party cannot be satisfied with the support figure itself.

“However, the direction is right.”



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