Parties | Anna-Maja Henriksson broke her arm in a tennis game, two weeks sick leave

Henriksson was scheduled to visit South Africa and Namibia to meet representatives of the legal sector and non-governmental organizations.

Minister of Justice Anna-Maja Henriksson (r) has broken his arm in a game of tennis. He will therefore be on sick leave for approximately two weeks, Ministry of Justice report.

Henriksson said in his Facebook update on Saturday that he fell badly, as a result of which he broke his arm and injured his knee.

“Everything doesn’t always go as it did in Strömsö,” he said in the update.

“Now I’m at home getting used to having only one arm and one leg at the moment. I have to cancel my business trip to Africa tomorrow [sunnuntaina]. It is life.”

Henriksson’s was supposed to be in South Africa and Namibia for five days.

His had to participate to the regional conference in Pretoria organized by Finland, South Africa and The Hague Conference on International Private Law (HCCH).

The minister’s program included, among other things, meetings of representatives of the African legal sector and non-governmental organizations. According to the Ministry of Justice, Finland’s three-person official delegation at the conference is now led by the ministry’s head of department Antti Leinonen.

Henriksson’s injury was reported earlier, among other things Vasabladet.

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