Parliament Today, the chairmen of the parliamentary groups talked about the threatening tweet published by Ano Turtiainen at Easter.

Turtiainen is not scheduled to attend the meeting.

Parliamentary the bureau will meet today with the chairmen of the parliamentary groups MP Ano Turtiainen due to a tweet released last Saturday.

On Saturday, Turtiainen posted a comment on Twitter about a possible mask crackdown that many have found threatening. For example, the Speaker of Parliament Anu Vehviläinen (center) considered Turtiainen’s tweet “threatening”.

“My friend said -” I am ready to kill if someone forcibly in this country is placed in the mask. ‘ Well, I wouldn’t look at that from the side either. Greetings to colleagues who are in favor of a masquerade, ”he wrote in his message.

Council of Presidents invited the presidents to a debate on Tuesday. The Council of Presidents said in a parliamentary press release take the matter very seriously.

Turtiainen is not scheduled to attend the meeting. He sent on Wednesday comments on the case by e-mail to the Council of Presidents, the Secretary General of Parliament, the chairs of the parliamentary groups and the media.

According to Turtiainen, it is useless for the parliamentary bureau to try to interfere in his activities outside parliament. According to him, he is not subordinate to or accountable to the Council of Presidents.

Turtiainen was elected to Parliament from the Southeast Finland constituency in 2019 from the lists of basic Finns, but he has since been expelled from the party and its parliamentary group. Turtiainen currently forms his own one-man parliamentary group.

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