Parliament To the Coalition Party’s Valtonen Yle: The Coalition Party’s position on the recovery tool may change

According to Valtonen, the report of the Parliamentary Finance Committee on the recovery instrument may lead the Coalition Party to reassess the situation. The report can be completed as early as Wednesday.

In Parliament a report on the EU’s recovery instrument, which will be completed tomorrow, may change the Coalition Party’s previous policy of abstaining when Parliament decides on Finland’s position.

Coalition MP and vice-chairman of the party Elina Valtonen says to Ylethat the plenary vote on the basis of the report of the Committee on Finance.

“Before it’s exactly clear, the situation may be alive,” says Valtonen. He is a member of the Finance Committee.

Valtonen tells HS that, for the time being, the Coalition Party has a decision sealed in the group last Tuesday, according to which the parliamentary group will abstain when deciding on the recovery instrument. The report may lead to a reassessment of the situation.

According to Valtonen, the report should include, for example, Finland’s long-term EU goals, which were published by the committee in its opinion last June, when Finland ‘s negotiating goals were outlined. They are related to long-term debt sustainability and debt return, ie the implementation of the so-called no-bailout principle, Valtonen says.

“Of course it matters what that floor plan is,” says Valtonen.

According to Valtonen, the Coalition Party also considers its own objection in the committee on the basis of how well its comments are received when writing the committee’s report text.

The Committee on Finance may complete the report on Wednesday, when the vote on Finland’s position on the recovery instrument would be in a week’s time.

Committee on Constitutional Affairs lined up last weekthat Parliament must decide on the EU’s recovery instrument by a qualified two-thirds majority. Blanks are not included in the two-thirds calculation. This means that the government would get through the package if its representatives vote unanimously in favor of the package when the Coalition votes abstained.

However, some of the coalition MPs intend to vote against the recovery tool, and opponents may also appear in governing parties. About the Coalition Party Wille Rydman, Janne Heikkinen and Terhi Schoolgirl have already announced that they will vote against the package.

Valtonen says that he has noticed from the feedback he has received that the Coalition Party’s decision to abstain has aroused feelings and confusion.

Finland’s position is significant, because if the Finnish Parliament did not approve the decision, the recovery package and the EU budget for the coming years would collapse in its current form.

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