Parliament This is how Yli-Viikari defended himself: The factual reasons for his dismissal “long-standing public discussion of the matter, citizen feedback and media pressure”

In his reply to Parliament, Tytti Yli-Viikari, Director General of the State Audit Office (VTV), who was arrested, considers that the preliminary investigation of the Central Criminal Police will not weaken his conditions for acting in VTV’s management.

Public finances Director General of the Finnish Audit Office (VTV) Tytti Yli-Viikari In its reply to the Parliament, the Bundesverwaltungsgericht considers that the preliminary investigation of the Central Criminal Police does not weaken his ability to act in the management of VTV.

According to him, there were therefore no grounds for suspension from office provided for in the Parliamentary Officials Act.

On Thursday, the Parliamentary Committee decided to suspend Yli-Viikari from office for the duration of the preliminary investigation.

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Decision was established in the Parliamentary Civil Servants Act. It provides that a post may be suspended for the duration of the criminal prosecution and the investigations required by it if those may affect the official’s ability to perform his duties.

“The initiation of the suspension procedure on 30 March 2021 has been justified by new information in public interviews. In my opinion, Parliament has received information on 8 March 2021 about the commencement of the preliminary investigation and, in my opinion, no new information has been received since then concerning the preliminary investigation or suspected criminal offenses, ”Yli-Viikari writes.

Yli-Viikarin considers that the Chancellery Committee has in fact initiated the suspension from office for a purpose and on grounds other than those provided for in the Parliamentary Officials Act.

“In my opinion, the actual reasons and justifications are the long-running discussion of the matter in public, citizen feedback and media pressure,” Yli-Viikari writes.

“In my opinion, a significant reason for initiating the procedure has been that I have not waived the legal protection provided for an official in the Parliamentary Civil Service Act and refrained myself from the pressure I received in informal hearings.”

Speaker of Parliament Anu Vehviläinen (center) responded briefly to Yli-Viikari’s views at a press conference.

According to him, the decision to suspend him was made on the basis of factors related to the preliminary investigation.

As for the pressure, Vehviläinen stated that it is Yli-Viikari’s subjective experience. Vehviläinen said that in informal discussions, Yli-Viikari was asked if he had considered whether he could abstain from office. According to Vehviläinen’s interpretation, he may have experienced this as pressure.

“Yes, I vehemently deny that I or others attended the meetings.”

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