Parliament The government received the confidence of Parliament with 91–66 votes

According to the government, the emergency clause demanded by the opposition would not be possible within the framework of the Finnish Constitution or EU legislation.

Government still enjoys parliamentary confidence. Parliament voted on the whole opposition on the interlocutory issue on Friday. The Board received the vote with 91-66 votes.

The intermediate question concerned Finland’s preparations for hybrid influence at the country’s borders. The interlocutory is the opposition’s strongest weapon with which it can, in principle, try to overthrow the government.

All opposition parties, ie the Basic Finns, the Coalition Party, the Christian Democrats and the Movement Now, were involved in the interlocutory question.

At the heart of the interlocutory issue is Belarus’s action in directing migrants seeking to the EU to the borders of its EU neighbors under pressure from the Union. The interlocutory question suggests that Finland could respond to the hybrid effect by allowing the reception of asylum applications to be waived for a specified period. To this end, the opposition believes that an emergency section should be enacted.

Government According to him, such an emergency clause would not be possible within the framework of the Finnish Constitution or EU legislation.

“For the same reason, the parties that have now tabled the interlocutory question did not themselves enact such a clause while in government,” the interior minister said. Krista Mikkonen (Green) said in a protracted debate on Wednesday.

Mikkonen emphasized that foreign policy countermeasures and diplomacy play a key role in responding to hybrid threats. According to him, Finland’s readiness to respond to hybrid influence is at a good level and the current legislation is sufficient to respond to serious disruptions, but the possibility of hybrid operations must be taken into account in the reform of the readiness law.

Chairman of the Basic Finns Riikka Purra again, the government said that the amendments to the emergency law mentioned by Mikkonen were not sufficient or fast enough.

“The government does not recognize the threat. It does not recognize the abuse of the asylum system or the exploitation of people against our society, ”Purra said in a speech on Wednesday.

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